Goji Wonders

  • I wonder if partisans will choose something that isn’t Pareto optimal? Will they choose a policy where supporters of own-party win X and supporters of out-party win X + 5 over a policy where supporters of own-party win X-5, supporters of out-party win X-10?
  • I wonder what how much effect Donald Trump has had on the productivity of liberals (and others). One way to measure a small chunk of it would be to check the frequency of Github commits on days Donald Trump says something controversial.
  • About 9% of American adults are veterans. (There were about 21.8M veterans in 2014.) Is America’s key competitive advantage heroism?
  • Why are compliments so few when talk is cheap? It is puzzling because sincerity is likely poorly observed, and because people plausibly process compliments in a motivated manner, questioning the sincerity of compliments less. It may be because talk is not perceived as cheap. Or it may be that talk is not cheap because competing instincts, to be honest, to demean, etc., are powerful.
  • Why is the food pyramid not called the food triangle instead?
  • Why do organizations like NSF etc. not ask for a stake in the patents that come from the funding? The rationale for free money escapes me. The profits could be funneled back into important research.
  • From what I have seen, the difference between the sexes in the proportion body covered, the discomfort of attire, and the amount of makeup applied is the smallest in Taipei. I wonder why? Do sex differences on these metrics among old people provide good baseline estimates of the politics of sexuality?
  • Say X follows Y on Twitter. I wonder if X ‘likes or retweets’ Y’s posts less once Y follows X.
  • I wonder why people bristle that at the notion that ideological concerns affect what makes it to the news. Here’s a response I got when I pitched Face of Crime,”…I worry that the data you’re offering would take us into uncomfortable territory in regards to how we write about race…” I also wonder if it would not be a useful ‘audit’ study.