The spin on Spincycle

Kudos for Spin and his cycle

“You certainly have a keen literary sensibility… And you write beautifully yourself.” – Bapsi Sidhwa commenting on the review of “City of Sin and Splendour”.

“Thanks for that essay .. which was beautifully written.” Saira Wasim commenting on an article on Contemporary Art.

“A great spot for checking out politics, philosophy and reviews of books in depth. Plus some handy information.”

“The blog discusses in fair depth and breadth – philosophy, politics, morality et all. ”


Profile of Ashok Sukumaran was republished in March by Matters of Art (an art e-zine based in Delhi); Matters of Art (March 14, 2008)

Interview with Bapsi Sidhwa was published in Alhamra Literary Review Issue 3 (Spring 2008)